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Where can I get Training in the Foundations of the International Accessibility Standards?

By Mike Thompson, 2 October, 2022

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some type of disability. This statistic emphasizes the importance of people who produce electronic documents, videos, audio, and online courses participating in the free training offered by WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) and following the International Accessibility Standards to promote the human and civil rights of people with disabilities, eliminate discrimination and oppression, obey the laws of a just government, and remove barriers.

By producing content that is accessible, producers are ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access to information and educational opportunities. Accessible content helps to eliminate discrimination and oppression by removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating in society. This promotes social inclusion and diversity, creating a more just and equitable society.

Furthermore, many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the European Union, have laws and regulations that require accessibility. Producers who do not comply with these laws could face legal action or fines, and will also contribute to a culture of discrimination and oppression.

Friends, if you are one of the people who produce electronic documents, videos, audio, and online courses.  It is essential that you participate in Accessibility Training so that you are on a solid path to be able to follow the International Accessibility Standards when doing your work.

One of the best ways to get training in how to do this is straight from the people who are involved with developing and maintaining the guidelines for the international standard for accessibility.  Obtaining instruction and training by People with Disabilities who depend on these International Accessibility Standards is recommended.

WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) offers a self paced on-line course which you can either take for free or optionally choose to get a Verified Certificate for $99 USD to demonstrate successful course completion.  The Certificate can be printed, listed in resumes, and linked to from online profiles.

The “Introduction to Web Accessibility” online course provides the foundation you need to make your digital technology accessible, so that it:

  • works well for people with disabilities
  • meets international standards
  • enhances the user experience for everyone
  • achieves goals
  • removes barriers

Accessibility is essential to create high-quality apps, websites, and other digital content — and to not exclude people from using your products and services.

Complete Course List - Digital Accessibility Education, Training, and Certification


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Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building a Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive, Accessible Community!

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