Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building Vibrant, Diverse, Inclusive, Accessible Communities!



Task force encourages communities to make accessibility a priority

By Layli Miron

Embark on a transformative journey led by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Task Force within the Baha’i community. Their impactful work is focused on removing barriers and fostering inclusivity for People with Disabilities.

Explore personal narratives, such as Naledi Raspberry's experience interpreting for her Deaf son, shedding light on the need for accessibility in Baha’i activities. The article dives into success stories, like the "Deaf in the Baha’i Community" Facebook page and WhatsApp group, connecting people and spreading invitations to accessible events.

Uncover the challenges faced in designing inclusive events, including the quest for auto-captioning programs sensitive to Baha'i terminology. Walk through the efforts of interpreters like Tavoria Kellam and Erin Salmon, who, with dedication, translated Baha'i prayers into American Sign Language, effectively removing linguistic barriers.

Witness the profound impact of ASL interpretation during online gatherings, emphasizing the importance of making information accessible in one's native language. As the article unfolds, it urges readers to embrace their role in removing barriers to accessibility, sharing Austin Vaday's perspective that "accessibility is everyone’s responsibility."

Take action by following practical steps recommended by the task force, from asking people about their needs to incorporating ASL interpretation into public events. Be part of the movement towards unity and inclusivity, realizing that removing barriers is an investment in building increasingly diverse and vibrant Baha'i communities.

If you're ready to take meaningful action, this article is your call to join the mission of creating an inclusive space where every person's voice is heard and valued. Dive into the inspiring narrative and become an active participant in the journey towards a more accessible and united Baha’i community.

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Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building a Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive, Accessible Community!

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