Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building Vibrant, Diverse, Inclusive, Accessible Communities!



Inclusive Design

By Alita Joyce 

Inclusive design refers to designing products that enable people of all backgrounds and abilities, including accessibility, age, economic situation, geographic location, language, and race. The focus is on fulfilling as many user needs as possible rather than catering to as many users as possible. Inclusive design generates inclusive-design patterns that empathize with users and adapt interfaces to address the various needs of those users.

Accessibility, universal design, and inclusive design are concepts aimed at creating inclusive experiences by reducing barriers between humans and technology. Accessibility is focused on ensuring that interfaces and technology can be used by people with disabilities, while universal design aims to create one experience that can be accessed and used to the greatest extent possible by all people. In contrast, inclusive design accepts and embraces multiple design variations so long as they achieve the desired outcome.

Inclusive-design patterns may address accessibility, age, culture, economic situation, education, gender, geographic location, language, or race. Examples of inclusive-design patterns include text legibility and dark mode for older users, surname inputs for global audiences, and controls to increase font size in articles. Designers must use reasonably large font sizes, have high contrast between characters in the foreground and background, and use a clean typeface to ensure legibility for older users. Successful global interfaces are reliant on digital inclusion that accommodates many variations of surnames.

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Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building a Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive, Accessible Community!

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