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Dr. Natalie Shaheen Wins $1.5 Million NSF CAREER Grant

Dr. Natalie Shaheen, smiling, stands outdoors surrounded by trees, holding her white cane

Dr. Natalie Shaheen's groundbreaking $1.5 million NSF CAREER grant signifies a pivotal moment in the quest for equitable STEM education. With an unwavering commitment to addressing the entrenched disparities faced by blind and low-vision (BLV) students, Shaheen's initiative aims not only to remove barriers but to empower Blind People in science classrooms like never before. Through innovative research and mentorship, she's leading a charge to redefine the landscape of STEM education, ensuring that Blind and Low Vision students have the opportunity to excel and contribute meaningfully to the scientific community.

Shaheen's project delves deep into exploring the accessibility problems inherent in K-12 STEM classes, particularly where technology is involved. By examining the knowledge base of high school teachers and educators, she seeks to pioneer born-accessible science classes, where BLV students can engage fully from the outset. Shaheen's personal journey, from dissuasion in high school to becoming an esteemed scholar, fuels her determination to remove these barriers and create an inclusive educational environment where no student is left behind.

Beyond research, Shaheen's grant invests in the future of STEM education through mentorship and resource development. By fostering a new generation of scholars and equipping teachers with the tools to create accessible classrooms, she's laying the groundwork for lasting change. Shaheen's vision extends far beyond the confines of her grant, aiming to catalyze a shift towards true inclusivity in STEM education, where Blind and Low Vision student's potential can be realized and celebrated.

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Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building a Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive, Accessible Community!

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