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Believe It or Not

Peggy Chong, The Blind History Lady, stands in front of a white brick wall, smiling with her white cane.

The article "Believe It or Not" by Peggy Chong tells the remarkable story of Helen May Martin, a deafblind concert pianist who defied all odds to pursue her passion for music and achieve remarkable success. Born in 1893 in Olathe, Kansas, Helen May faced numerous barriers due to her disabilities. However, with the unwavering support of her parents, she learned to play the piano by feeling the vibrations and went on to become an accomplished musician. Despite the skepticism of many, Helen May embarked on a professional career, captivating audiences across the United States with her extraordinary talent.

Chong's narrative vividly portrays Helen May's resilience and determination in the face of barriers. From her early years of learning music alongside her sighted and hearing cousins to her eventual recognition as a celebrated pianist, Helen May's journey is both inspiring and awe-inspiring. Through meticulous research and poignant anecdotes, Chong brings to light the remarkable achievements of a woman whose indomitable spirit transcended physical limitations.

As readers delve into the story of Helen May Martin, they will be captivated by her unwavering courage and tenacity. Chong's portrayal of Helen May's life serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the human spirit's ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers. "Believe It or Not" is not just a biography; it's a testament to the triumph of the human spirit—a reminder that with determination and resilience, anything is possible.

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Striving to remove barriers that prevent us from building a Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive, Accessible Community!

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